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Sandra Mohr’s new film POKER QUEENS is now on Amazon Prime.

Sandra Mohr launched the new show “The Darkside” on Halloween, 2023.

Radio Wars

Take a daring and unconventional look at the history of radio. From the pitched battles surrounding its invention to the secret fights for dominance between old and new media, radio has always been at war.

Life Changing Moments

This touching documentary follows surgeon Dr. Sherry Thomas to Uganda, Africa. Her mission is to provide life saving surgery for dozens of women in need.

This film earned several film festival awards.

Stock Shock

Buckle up and hold on to your wallet as we follow the wild ups and downs of the American stock market through the eyes of stunned Sirius XM investors. In the tradition of Michael Moore’s documentary (Capitalism: A Love Story) Stock Shock reveals the down and dirty schemes behind the glitter of Wall Street. 

Now on Amazon.

Stock Shock in New York’s Time Square