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In her new book “Addict Nation-An Intervention for America” Sandra Mohr and Co-Author Jane Velez-Michell explore America’s cultural addictions. She also assisted Velez-Mitchell with books: Secrets Can Be Murder and iWant.

Jane Velez-Mitchell and Sandra Mohr with Literary Agent Sharlene Martin

Jane Velez-Mitchell with Co-Author Sandra Mohr at their Los Angeles Book Signing Event


Addict Nation is a great read; I couldn’t put it down. In fact, I read it over and over, and I can’t wait to read it again. I think I’m hooked. But in a good way.Joy Behar, Host of The Joy Behar Show on HLN and Co-Host of ABC’s The View

The woman knows her facts, and her text is stuffed with statistics and anecdotes—Publishers Weekly

Addict Nation is the most comprehensive “Blueprint for Green Living” ever produced. I see it as number one and a must read for every woman, child and man. Jonathan Lake, Founder of

Jane Velez-Mitchell isn’t just host of “Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell” nightly on CNN’s Headline News, but an author, environmentalist…feminist—Carrie Baker, Ms. Magazine

JVM breaks it down so we can not only understand addiction, but we can beat it! —Nancy Grace, Host and Star of Swift Justice with Nancy Grace

Jane Velez-Mitchell tackles the country’s newest battle with the bottle — in the form of prescription pill addiction – and other vices rapidly eating away at the American infrastructure –RadarOnline.Com

Jane Velez-Mitchell deserves an honorary psychology Ph.D. for her insights on the human psyche. —Dr. Judy Kuriansky, Clinical Psychologist and Author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to a Healthy Relationship

“Addict Nation” is one of those rare books that will totally change your paradigm…it offers ideas that even some leading edge environmentalists have not fully recognized. —Richard Kujawski, Executive Editor of Living Green Magazine

Addict Nation…delivered at the same energetic pace of Velez-Mitchell’s HLN show. Juliet Macey, GO Magazine

“…poignant thoughts abound in Addict Nation.”– Sebastian Fortino, South Florida Gay News.

Addict Nation is a quick and compelling read; the prose style is simple, yet in its simplicity Velez-Mitchell’s lucid words carry an emotional urgency.–Marcie Bianco,

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